Gros Morne National Park

Hotel near Gros Morne National Park

Explore Newfoundland’s UNESCO World Heritage site when you stay at our hotel near Gros Morne National Park. Located on Newfoundland’s west coast, Gros Morne National Park stretches across 1,805 square kilometers and is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada. Discover a glacial-carved landscape, marked with fjords, valleys, and unique vegetation. Take the Trans-Canada Highway north from our accommodations near Gros Morne National Park to spend a day in the wilderness.

A Slice of Arctic Tundra

The name Gros Morne translates from French to "large mountain standing alone," or "great sombre." The lone mountain is surrounded by freshwater fjords, barren sea floors, emerald forests, and ancient red mantle rocks formed by tectonic plates long ago. Despite the harsh climate, a variety of plants and animals have created a thriving ecosystem in the alpine highlands.