When you’re in Corner Brook, there are several places that would remind you of the city’s history. Corner Brook is located in the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada. It was first surveyed by Captain James Cook in the 18th century. The site from where he had surveyed the area is now called Captain James Cook Historic Site. 

Located on Crow Hill, this historic site attracts plenty of tourists every year. During mid-19th century, this region had a population of not more than a hundred individuals. The occupation of most of the population residing in the area back then was fishing and lumber work.

Formation of Corner Brook 

Corner Brook had four different communities and each of them were engaged in their own commercial activities. Corner Brook West, also known as Westside or Humber West, had retail establishments. Railway and industrial operations were located in Corner Brook East, also known as the Heights or Humbermouth. 

Curling, the residential neighborhood of Corner Brook, was home to the fishing community. Workers of the pulp and paper mill were housed in Townsite. All these four communities were merged to form the Corner Brook of today.

Settlement of the Latvians and Germans

In the mid-20th century, nearly 70 individuals from Germany and Latvia settled in the city. They belonged to several classes and had endured the eventful times of the Second World War. As the conflicts were changing the European political map, these people had to leave their home countries. These men and women were in their twenties and thirties. 

They arrived as a part of the New Industries program. It was a strategy of industrialization and economic diversification by then Premier Joseph R. Smallwood. The newly immigrated Germans and Latvians had a considerable expertise in cement and gypsum. With this expertise, they participated in the development of infrastructure in Newfoundland.

Corner Brook today

Today, Corner Brook is home to the second-largest population of the Newfoundland and Labrador province. It houses the Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill, which employs most of the people in the region. The largest regional hospital in the western part of Newfoundland is also located here. While exploring Corner Brook, you’ll come across many shopping and retail businesses. 

The city has offices of the provincial and federal government. You’ll also find several sports facilities in this part of the world. Among them is the Marble Mountain Ski Resort, which is a haven for skiing enthusiasts. In the February of 2011, the Special Olympics Provincial Winter Games was hosted in this city. 

A strong arts community is active at the Grenfell Campus of the Memorial University of Newfoundland. The thriving cultural institutions promote all kinds of arts on various levels. The presence of excellent transportation facilities makes getting around in the city pleasant and hassle-free. 

The nearest airport is Deer Lake Regional Airport, which is located 55 kilometres northeast of Corner Brook. You can reach your desired places in the city through the local bus service called Corner Brook Transit. The presence of four cab companies gives you several options while hiring a taxi service.

An Insight into the Past and Present of Corner Brook

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