Located on Newfoundland Island’s west coast is the city of Corner Brook. You’ll be delighted to witness some mesmerizing sights while getting around in this part of the world. In the 18th century, Corner Brook was just a small settlement of fishermen. 

Today, it has become one of the most developed cities on Canada’s east coast. For some, it is a city of great visual appeal. Others see it as a paradise for adventure lovers. Whatever your plans are during your time in the city, it will surely give you some memorable experiences.

Bay of Islands

On the west coast of the island of Newfoundland is situated an extensive inlet called the Bay of Islands. The largest island in the Bay of Islands is called Woods Island and was formerly inhabited. The bay is surrounded by Long Range Mountains in most directions and comprises many inlets. One of the major rivers that flow into the Bay of Islands is the Humber River. 

It was used to send logs down to the bay for many years. These logs were turned into paper products by Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. You can indulge in many recreational activities while exploring this river.

Corner Brook Stream Trail

This network of majestic walking trails will give you some truly wonderful moments. These trails were a result of an idea that emerged during the 1980s with a feasibility study. It was done by the local authorities. The idea was to create simple walking trails. 

Over these years, the network of trails has grown significantly and has an overall infrastructure of $2,500,000. The infrastructural developments include viewing decks, bridges, walkways, and rest areas. Winding through the city, these trails also extend to the upper reaches of the Corner Brook Stream corridor. 

They are used for a variety of purposes throughout the year, ranging from leisure activities to organized sporting events. The enchanting sights and a relaxing atmosphere provides residents of Corner Brook a welcome break from their routines. Most of the land is owned by the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd.  

The Blomidon Mountains

These mountains were formed as a result of a collision with Europe about 500 million years back. You can go hiking on these mountains to watch the fantastic sea vistas and the resident reindeer population. However, you’ll need some topographical maps and a compass as some of the trails are not marked well.


Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Savor the magnificent views of Blow Me Down mountains and the Bay of Islands while exploring this beautiful park. Within the Blow Me Down Provincial Park, there are many opportunities for hiking. The families visiting this park can enjoy walking on a half-kilometer trail. 

The boardwalk and steps combine to make this trail extremely pleasant to take for visitors. You can get to an observation tower by taking one of the two trails. After walking for about 30 minutes, you’ll reach the top of the tower. You’ll be rewarded with some awe-inspiring views from the top.

One can imagine the delight of the captains who surveyed the Bay of Islands from the spot. You’re advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the season during your trip. Governor’s Staircase is a unique walk you must not miss during this trip.

Discover Some Fascinating Sights While Touring Corner Brook

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